Indian Visa Online

E-Tourist Visa (eTV) is required before your travel to India and this facility is available for most countries 

Key features of eTV 

  •  Validity of Passport: You have to have a passport that is valid for at least 6 months from the planned date of return from India.
  •  4 to 120 Days: You can apply for your eTV within 4 to 120 days from your date of arrival. For example, if you plan to arrive on 10th Feb 2018 - you can apply between 12th October’17 to 6th February’18. (It is suggested that you apply as soon you decide then to wait till the last moment.) 
  •  48-72 hours: Generally it takes 48-72 hours for the processing of the eTV once the fees is paid.
  •  Valid for 6 months: The eTV is valid for 6 months with a maximum of 2 entries in case of Tourism and Business and 3 entries in case of Medical.
  •  Maximum 2 Times: One can apply/travel on eTV for a maximum of 2 times in 1 calendar year. 

Important when applying 

  •  Temporary ID: You get a temporary application ID once you start filling your application, keep note and save this ID for all future correspondences. 
  •  Photo Specifications: Ensure that the photo you upload is matching the specifications required. If the specifications do not match, there are chances of your application getting rejected. The specifications are 50mm X 50mm which is not the standard passport size. The maximum size of the file can be 1 MB in JPEG format. 
  •  Not Exceed 300 KB: Ensure that the scanned first page of the passport that you are required to upload is in PDF format and file size should not exceed 300 KB. If the specifications do not match, there are chances of your application getting rejected.
  •  Emergency Reference: You will need to put 1 reference from your home country (required in case of emergency while you are in India)
  •  India Reference: You will need to put 1 reference in India which can be the first hotel you are booked at or www.wondersofIndia.tours, C/O - Network Tourism & Hospitalities, G-9/10, Akarshan Bhawan, 23 Ansari Road, Daryaganj, New Delhi - 110002
  •  Payment: Your application is only completed once you make the payment via a VISA / MASTERCARD only.
  •  Delays: You may experience delays in payment acknowledgment after you have paid through your credit card. This is normal and can take up to 4 hours after you have made the transaction from your end. In case it is still not received you can try the transaction again. If this persists for more than 3 times, you will need to create another ID to apply again.
  •  Multiple charges: In case your card is charged multiple times, you will get a refund within 7 days after the reconciliation process. 
  •  Bank Charges: The Bank charges 2.5% on every transaction. 
  •  eTV via Email: Once processed you receive your eTV via email, a print out of which you should carry to the airport.
  •  Biometric: Upon arrival in India with your eTV, Biometric details will be mandatorily captured at Immigration. 

The website address is : https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/visa/tvoa.html

All travelers wanting to visit India for Tourism, Medical or Business purpose can very easily obtain an eTV via the above official government website

NOTE: The website is very user friendly and one can easily apply on your own. However, WOI can assist you with applying for your Visa for an administration fees of Rs. 1000 only. Visa fees extra and varies from country to country (ranging from zero to USD 75 per applicant)

To book Visa Service / Private tour or for more information, please call at Ph: 01141563351 / 01141563352, email at woi@networktourism.com