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India will love you, threaten you, challenge you, question you, surprise you, annoy you, make you uncomfortable but deep down her mysterious nature will relentlessly force you to embark on a wonderful journey within. A journey urging you to become one with the formless & unbounded existence, where-ever you are from here-on.

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We know that it is not possible to be good and expert at everything and we only specialise in Private Tours. The Personal touch and care we provide to every trip we put together goes far beyond anything offered through an online booking site. There are many more reasons to book your Private India Tour with us and we present a few to think about. 

Guest Feedback

'The guest is equivalent to God' is taken from an ancient Hindu scripture which became part of the "code of conduct" for Hindu society. Atithi Devo Bhava prescribes a dynamic of the host-guest relationship. We listen when God speaks and here is what our Gods have to say about WOI.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A: India is a destination for all the seasons. However, the winter season(October - March) is the best time to travel and is considered the season time in India. For hill stations visit, Summer season(April -June) is the most preferred time. If you love to explore lush green landscapes and enjoy Ayurveda, Rainy season is the most favorable time.